Since 2012, Evolution Activewear has provided padded yoga pants that support your knees while keeping you comfortable and in style! The built-in kneepads make our specialty yoga pants the perfect choice for anybody who loves to practice yoga but wants additional knee support.

Our padded yoga pants have huge crossover application for people who spend a lot of time on their knees practicing yoga, gardening, dancing, hiking and more. Some of our customers wear Kneeotech yoga pants to seek relief from painful conditions such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Here is what people are saying about our Kneeotech padded yoga pants:

Repertory Dance Theater proudly endorses Evolution Activewear’s Kneeotech pants. The dance company has been wearing these yoga pants with knee pads during rehearsals and community outreach. “Kneeotech has helped protect our knees and made a wonderful fashion statement in the studio.” – Repertory Dance Theater

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“I just want everyone to know how heavenly these pants are! As a professional modern dancer with Repertory Dance Theater, my work demands that I stay injury free and ready to perform at all times. I’ve struggled countless times with pain as a result of choreographed dancing on my knees. Finally someone has figured out how to protect the knees while still looking sleek and stylish! Dance is all about aesthetics, so I was thrilled to throw out my ugly slip on knee pads and replace them with Kneeotech pants that don’t cut my balletic lines short! Thank you so much for this brilliance!”

Jaclyn Brown

Dancer with Repertory Dance Theater

20141106_121627“Everybody needs these pants! Whether I am gardening, rock climbing, or training for my next job, I wear Evolution Activewear pants for protection & for the preservation of my knees. They are versatile and comfortable for all activities!”

Whitney Coleman is a stuntwoman known for her work in many hit shows and movies including Jurassic World, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Dark Knight Rises, Fear the Walking Dead, Westworld and many more.

Whitney Coleman

Stuntwoman, Los Angeles, CA, Grimm NBC

A few years ago I became acquainted with Evolution Activewear, a company selling comfortable yoga pants with built-in knee pads. I fell in love with this creative idea… because I not only need extra stability while practicing yoga (loss of balance from multiple sclerosis), but I also use extra blankets for added cushioning to protect my knees. These pants are so comfortable and look so good that I wish I could wear them everywhere every day! Cathy Chester

Independent Writer and Health Advocate, An Empowered Spirit Contributor (Blog), The Huffington Post Blogger, MultipleSclerosis.net ,Boomeon

I am really looking forward to wearing my new pair of Evolution Activewear pants in my next workshop so that I can support my knees and students more than ever before!


  Jessica Jolie

Yoga Instructor, Yoga Landing

Joan Kottler saw a need in the yoga industry and addressed it with her new company, Evolution Activewear. Joan developed yoga pants with built-in kneepads to support the knees without compromising on design and looks… They are surprisingly lightweight and you don’t feel weighed down by the padding. In fact, the testers forgot there was padding until they kneeled down, noticing the soft cushion. Her secret? She can only tell you that she spent years developing this product, and the results are great! eca World Fitness Magazine

eca World Fitness Magazine

Evolution Activewear RULES! The other day, the lovely owner of this up and coming fitness and yoga apparel company sent me a pair of her signature workout pants… Amazing!… I wore them to yoga, did floor exercises on my knees, and have even crawled around my kitchen cleaning up the mess on the floor… I feel great and I’ve had knee surgeries! Go grab a pair! Felicia Bessen

Soul-Cycle Instructor, Soul-Cycle, Melville, New York

I practically live in my Kneeotech yoga pants… I can’t seem to take them off because they are so comfortable to do everything in… I found that these pants are perfect for gardening! So comfortable and made this big project so much easier for me to do. Thank you Evolution Activewear – I am evolving always thanks to you! Robin R.

Jensen Beach, Florida

What a genius idea! Having cushioning under my knees for practicing and teaching yoga makes a huge difference. They feel great and look cool, too! Paula Lopez

New York City, New York

Great new yoga pants from Evolution Activewear. Practiced in them yesterday and looking forward to many more knee-friendly asanas. Jane F.

New York City, New York

I recently received a pair of Joan Kottler’s amazing yoga pants… I love yoga but didn’t love the bruises on my knees at the end of class! After trying Joan’s yoga pants with built in knee pads, I was in heaven! I have to say this is a wonderful invention and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to alleviate the pressure on their knees while practicing yoga… Not only do they work, but they look great too! So sleek and streamlined, you’ll be the only one who knows about the built in support. I’m definitely a fan. Thanks, Joan, for a wonderful product! Iris Moreau

Make-Up Artist, Greater LA Area, California

These pants are great! I teach children’s yoga… While wearing these pants, I really put them to the test with my three- and four-year-old students. The pants are both fashionable and functional, and the cushioned knees are barely noticeable. In fact, it is only when I kneeled did I remember that my knees were cushioned! Joan put together a quality product that absolutely makes sense! I look forward to seeing what other styles Evolution Activewear will have in the future!

Susan Kasper

Lido Beach, New York

I love the pants. They are one of those items that you see and think, “How has no one thought of this before?” Genius. I loved the charcoal color of my pair, and they are super flattering in the seat… I can practice anywhere without a blanket to cushion my knees. These pants ROCK! Jessica Ewart

Founding Partner, yoga | stage

I wore my Evolution Activewear yoga pants for the first time yesterday and never thought I would take them off. Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, yoga practice is hard on my knees. The pants kept my knees warm and also tracked it. They were comfy and extremely complementary. The fabric was breathable and moveable. Everyone asked where I got them. They washed beautifully and came out of the washer as if they were new. Hands down, they are my favorite piece of workout clothes! Shelly S.

Salt Lake City, Utah

When I’m wearing my Evolution Activewear, I feel as if my knees have landed on a pillow. Meryl P.

Yonkers, New York

I have been a student of yoga for many years and only recently began to have trouble doing yoga positions that require being on my knees. Your garment, with its cushioned knee area, now allows me to be in a knee-pose without any discomfort. I am very impressed with your product — the way it fits, feels, and looks. Beverly P.

Scarsdale, New York

I just taught my morning classes in the Kneeotech pants. They have been so helpful. I do a combination of dance and yoga in my class warmup and the knee protection is so helpful. With the contemporary dance choreography I feel free to move on the floor knowing my knees will be safe. Now to get all of my students in these pants!! They are comfortable to wear between classes and are classy enough to wear in my office environment. I am in love with these! Kate Crews Linsley

Dance Department Chair @Waterford School, Director @Waterford Dance Academy, Former Soloist @BalletWest and @KansasCityBallet, staff @University of Utah, Executive Director @ InbodyOutreach

Do you support your knees with our comfortable yoga pants? We would love to hear how the Kneeotech yoga pants have helped to save your knees and help you stay active. Please visit our Contact Page and tell us how our Kneeotech specialty pants have brought you Kneevana.