Kneeotech Unisex Jogger Style – Charcoal Grey – Moss Knit

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Unisex Pant – Jogger Style – Charcoal Grey with Patented Padded Knee Design – Moss Knit 89% polyester / 11 % spandex

American Innovation Manufactured in Utah

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Kneeotech Jogger Pants with Kneepads

Unisex Charcoal Grey Jogger Pants

Unisex Charcoal Grey Jogger Pants for all purpose exercise such as yoga, dance, travel and more. You won’t be able to come up with enough activities that these pants are great for! You can’t go wrong when buying these essential jogger pants. These jogger pants include relaxed gusset deep front slant pockets for all of your necessities, designed to comfort and support your knees without compromising style and fit. Made of Moss Knit, this performance fabric feels like cashmere and can be worn year round. You won’t want to take these off because they are so comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Moss Knit 89% polyester 11% Spandex 4 way stretch
  • Moisture management fabric lining in the gusset to keep you dry.
  • Patented Padded Kneezone: 3mm

Why Wear Kneeotech?

All Kneeotech pants have our patented padded kneepads to supply you with both style and comfort. These pants can be used for almost any purpose; be it hiking, yoga, dancing, fly fishing, gardening, pilates and even everyday wear. Our pants keeps your knees strong and dry with their 3mm thick kneezone and moisture managing fabric lining. Wear Kneeotech and SAVE YOUR KNEES!

*Madeleine is wearing size Small

American Innovation Manufactured in Utah