Kneeotech is a competitively priced, American made innovation from Salt Lake City, Utah – Kneeotech with patented padded knees are designed to comfort your knees without compromising style or fit.


All styles below are examples of works that can be custom ordered for wholesale, B2B, etc. Your options are limitless and will always protect your knees. 

Please contact for inquiries. We look forward to creating with you!

*All custom orders are final 




Kneeotech Basics Base Layer - Black Yoga Pants
Kneeotech Black Yoga Pants - Full Length
Unisex Yoga Pants Iris and Black
Purity Yoga Legging
Charcoal Grey Jogger Pants
Unisex Yoga Legging
Colorblock Charcoal Grey Jogger Pants
Kneeotech Iris Blue Yoga Pants - Full Length
Kneeotech Charcoal Grey Yoga Pants - Full Length
Yoga Legging
Kneeotech Padded Black Yoga Pants - Full Length
Kneeotech White Yoga Pants - Full Length
Purity Yoga Legging




Grey Bootleg Yoga Pant - Classic
Kneeotech Black Bootleg Yoga Pants
Kneeotech Olive Green Bootleg Yoga Pants
Kneeotech Eggplant Purple Bootleg Yoga Pants
Kneeotech Olive Bootleg Yoga Pant





Last Step Finished
First Step
Second Step
Kneeotech Eggplant Purple Capri Yoga Pants
Kneeotech Black Capri Yoga Pants