About Kneeotech – Patented Exercise and Yoga Pants with Padded Knees

WHO is Evolution Activewear and what is Kneeotech?

Evolution Activewear is the Maker of Kneeotech – Patented Yoga Pants with Padded Knees. Originally innovated for yoga, Kneeotech has huge crossover application including dance, Pilates, gardening, hiking, travel, fly fishing, work wear and everyday wear too! Kneeotech is proudly Made in the USA.

WHAT makes Kneeotech different from all other Yoga pants?

Kneeotech Patented Yoga pants with padded knees comfort and support your knees without compromising style and fit. Our Patented design sets us apart from all other brands. To simply state it, “There is nothing like Kneeotech”.

WHERE Can I wear Kneeotech?

We are constantly inspired by our customers who write us telling us about their creative application for Kneeotech. While innovated for Yoga, you can wear Kneeotech anywhere. Not only is Kneeotech for yoga, but also dance, Pilates, hiking, gardening, martial arts, travel, trampolining, physical therapy, under ski/snow board pants and more. The list goes on and on.

Check out our photo gallery and read our customer testimonials. Kneeotech is available in Leggings, Capri and Bootleg Pants. All styles are made of high quality performance fabric and classically designed.

Kneeotech: Made in the USA, Classically Designed, Always in style.


The Story of Evolution Activewear’s Exercise and Yoga Pants with Built in Kneepads

It was May 2007. I was practicing yoga and struggling with my achy knees when I thought,


Joan Kottler - Founder

Joan Kottler – Founder

The bells went off in my head, does this even exist? I finished my practice and began my search. I looked everywhere – online, in retail fitness apparel stores, fitness magazines and after an exhaustive search of the USPTO Archives, I determined that at that moment in time, yoga pants with built in padded knees were not on the horizon nor on the fitness industry’s radar and most definitely not commercially available.

I thought, “How can this be? If I need this, others must need it, and if I can’t find it, other’s can’t find it. I knew I couldn’t be the only person on the planet who needs some extra support and padding for their achy knees.”

I set out on my journey and designed my prototype and filed for patent protection.

Evolution Activewear LLC, founded in 2007, is the maker of Kneeotech: the original yoga pant with built in padded knees designed to comfort and support the knees without compromising style or fit.

While originally intended for yoga, Kneeotech has huge crossover potential. Wear Kneeotech for yoga, Pilates, dance, skate boarding, ice skating, gardening, hiking, slack lining,under ski and snow board pants, physical therapy, travel and more. The applications are endless.

Evolution Activewear ~ Experience Kneevana ~ Save your Knees

Evolution Activewear LLC, Made in the USA

Evolution Activewear is a small privately held company. We source all of our materials domestically, all garments are Manufactured in Utah, one a time by a real person. We do maintain inventory but if you should happen to order an item that is out of stock on back order, please be patient with us and allow 3 to 4 weeks in order to manufacture your item. Thank you so much for your understanding, it is sincerely appreciated.