WHO is Evolution Activewear and what is Kneeotech?

Evolution Activewear is the Maker of Kneeotech – Patented Yoga Pants with Padded Knees. Kneeotech originally innovated for yoga, Kneeotech has huge crossover application. Kneeotech is proudly manufactured in the USA.

WHAT makes Kneeotech different from all other Yoga pants?

Kneeotech  Patented Yoga pants with padded knees, comforts and supports your knees without compromsing style and fit. Our Patented design sets us apart from all other brands. Simply stated, “There is nothing like Kneeotech”.

WEAR Can I wear Kneeotech?

We are constantly inspired by our customers who write us to tell us about their creative application for Kneeotech. While innovated for Yoga, You can wear Kneeotech anywhere. Wear Kneeotech for yoga, dance, Pilates, hiking, gardening, martial arts, travel, trampolining, physical therapy and more. The list goes on and on.

Check out our photo gallery and read our customer testimonials. Kneeotech is available in Leggings, Capri and Bootleg Pants. All styles are made of high quality performance fabric,  and are classically designed with a convertible high waist band.

Kneeotech, American Made, Classically Designed,  always in style.