Endorsed by Repertory Dance Theatre

Endorsed by Repertory Dance Theatre

Love yoga but not knee pain?

Knee pain sneaks up on even the most active of women. While the reality of knee pain can’t always be avoided, it doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying your favorite activities.

We all understand how uncomfortable it can be to kneel on any hard surface for an extended period of time – whether you are doing yoga, at the gym, gardening in the yard, or cleaning something off the floor. This only gets worse over time for those who suffer from chronic injuries or medical conditions.

Don’t let knee pain keep you from doing what you love. Explore the possibilities with Evolution Activewear.

Introducing Kneeotech padded yoga pants

Kneeotech yoga pants, made with high performance moisture management fabric and PATENTED design, are specialty yoga pants with integrated contoured kneepads innovated to protect your knees without compromising style or fit.

With our high-quality yoga pants, you will feel like nothing can get in your way. If you experience discomfort while practicing yoga or kneeling for any activity, make this investment in yourself. Don’t miss out on your favorite activities when Kneeotech yoga pants can help keep you on the move.

Always in style

Kneeotech yoga pants are always in style. Kneeotech is designed with classic lines, supplex nylon lycra and PATENTED design for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Currently, the yoga pants are available in three colors: olive, eggplant and black in classic bootleg and classic capri pant styles. You won’t need an excuse to wear your Kneeotech padded yoga pants — you’ll be looking for reasons to wear them all the time.

Shelley S. of Salt Lake City, Utah, couldn’t be happier with her Kneeotech yoga pants. “Everyone asked where I got them … They washed beautifully, and came out of the machine looking brand new. Hands down, they are my favorite piece of workout clothes!”

Only the best fit

The reason that our specialty yoga pants will keep you looking and feeling great is their classic fit. Our yoga pants have been thoughtfully designed to provide knee support while allowing the flexibility and strength for life’s daily activities. Kneeotech comforts and supports your knees without compromising style or fit.

Kneeotech is innovation born of necessity.

ECA World Fitness magazine wrote that Evolution Activewear’s yoga pants are “surprisingly lightweight.” In fact, the testers who tried the pants forgot there was padding until they kneeled down and noticed the extra cushioning!

Made to last, made in Utah, USA

Evolution Activewear products are made here in the USA, approximately 30 miles outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Founder and product innovator Joan Kottler wanted to create a high-quality hand- sewn garment that would last.

“It was always my objective to manufacture in our country… Manufacturing so close to home gives me the opportunity to speak face-to-face with my manufacturer and oversee all operations of production.

“My manufacturer is the ultimate professional who understands the meaning and value of quality. He appreciates my expectations and most importantly, he understands my mission, to offer my customers the highest quality garments at competitive prices.”

Robin R. of Jensen Beach, Florida, couldn’t get enough of her padded yoga pants: “I practically live in my Kneeotech yoga pants… I can’t seem to take them off because they are so comfortable to do everything in.”

Order Kneeotech yoga pants to experience “Knee-vana”

Knee pain shouldn’t keep you from practicing yoga or doing the things you love. Kneeotech yoga pants will comfort and support your knees without compromising style or fit. Our yoga pants will keep you comfortable and stylish while you are active. You will be surprised how much more you’ll be able to get done when your knees are taken care of.

When your knees feel like they are between a rock and a hard place, you need Kneeotech. Visit our shop to order Kneeotech yoga pants and experience “Knee-vana”!